Introducing “Get Em All”: A Global Network of Digital Experts Based in Marbella

Marbella, Spain – June 22, 2023 – Today marks the official launch of “Get Em All,” an innovative company based in Marbella that brings together a network of exceptional digital experts specializing in SEO, SEA, BI, Tracking, AI, Automation, eMail Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Creation, and Social Media Marketing. What sets Get Em All apart is its unique ability to unite a diverse group of experts from around the world, proficient in multiple languages, under one unified platform.

Get Em All aims to capitalize on the synergy effects between various digital disciplines, ensuring that clients worldwide can leverage the collective expertise of its network. With its main hub located in Marbella, a renowned international destination in the picturesque southern region of Spain, Get Em All combines the allure of the location with cutting-edge digital solutions.

Astrid Kramer, a seasoned professional in search engine optimization and UX, founded Get Em All after over a decade of successful consultancy work as a self-employed expert. Her vision was to foster closer collaboration and enhance networking opportunities among the distinct departments within companies, as well as the individual agencies and freelancers associated with them.

“Get Em All represents a new era of digital excellence, where collaboration, innovation, and global expertise converge,” stated Astrid Kramer, Founder and CEO of Get Em All. “Our unique network brings together the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds, working together to deliver exceptional results for our clients. We believe that by combining our talents and leveraging the power of technology, we can drive meaningful growth and transform businesses worldwide.”

Marbella, already a magnet for professionals seeking a vibrant and forward-thinking business environment, will experience further enhancement with the arrival of Get Em All. The company’s establishment in Marbella solidifies the city’s position as a highly attractive hub for digital expertise, reaffirming its commitment to technological advancement and innovation.

Get Em All caters to a global clientele, spanning a wide range of industries and geographies. By offering comprehensive services across various digital domains, the company empowers its clients to unlock their full potential, optimize their online presence, and achieve remarkable business outcomes in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

About Get Em All
Get Em All is a global network of digital experts headquartered in Marbella, Spain. With a team of specialists excelling in SEO, SEA, BI, Tracking, AI, Automation, eMail Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Creation, and Social Media Marketing, Get Em All brings together diverse talent from around the world. Founded by Astrid Kramer, an esteemed authority in search engine optimization and UX, Get Em All aims to maximize the synergy effects between different disciplines, providing clients with exceptional results. 

Media Contact:
Name: Astrid Kramer
Title: CEO & Founder
Phone: +34 67 69 297 86

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