Adela is a upcoming designer specializing in social media design, with a focus on creating visuals for platforms such as Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook. She also excels in designing presentations and banners. Adela primarily works with Figma and Affinity Designer, utilizing her expertise in these tools to bring her creative vision to life.
She began her journey as a content creator and junior designer at Cyrkl, a startup company. Currently, she works with ‘RoseStreet,’ a marketing agency focused on catering to young artists. In this role, Adela is responsible for crafting eye-catching posters, engaging social media posts, and various other graphic designs. Additionally, she actively contributes to the mySasy project, dedicated to producing new materials for pitch decks.
Adela’s educational background includes studying Film and TV production at the industrial school of communication technology. However, her true passion lies in art, design, and visualization. She thoroughly enjoys exploring the realm of pictures and vectors, continuously seeking opportunities to tap into her creative flow.